Peter Waitkus Joins Hayes Gibson Property Services as Director of Maintenance

Bloomington, Ind. – Hayes Gibson Property Services (HGPS) is excited to announce their newest team member: Peter Waitkus. Peter joins the company as Director of Maintenance and will manage and oversee all maintenance operations. Additionally, he is part of the leadership team responsible for managing capital projects, due diligence inspections, REAC inspection preparedness, and on-site training.

“I most look forward to inspiring and being inspired by the HGPS family, business associates, and residents.”

Hayes Gibson provides oversite on major repairs and capital improvements for our communities, which Peter will be involved in with the maintenance team. On-site maintenance personnel will be hired with the appropriate skills to handle routine, day-to-day maintenance and some significant repairs. For the most part, the Director of Maintenance (DOM), Peter Waitkus, will be responsible for identifying any significant repairs, preparing a scope of work, writing detailed specifications for the job in question, and soliciting bids for the completion of the work. The DOM and Regional Property Manager will review proposals, and recommendations will be made to the Sponsor for contracting the work. The Regional Property Manager and DOM will generate a contract once the Sponsor approves the selection of the contractor. The Vice President of Property Services for the Managing Agent will execute the contract and ensure proper insurance is in place. The DOM will oversee the completion of all contract work and approve invoices for payment. Retainage will be held out to ensure satisfactory completion.

Managing Agent’s policies and procedures require that preventive maintenance inspections are completed in all units in the projects every quarter and inspection checklists are completed for each unit. To the extent possible, inspections will be conducted utilizing electronic software that will store the results of the inspections along with photographs of any relevant issues. Service requests are generated for any repair items noted during such inspections so that they can be addressed.

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