Dear Valued Resident:

Our hearts go out to the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and communities of color and we offer our solidarity against injustice, racism, discrimination, and hatred of any kind.

We are sickened by the misogynistic, racially motivated, and senseless violence that permeates Georgia’s mass shootings. Our hearts go out to the family, friends, and communities whose experiences and grief we cannot fully comprehend; we offer our deepest condolences. The surge in AAPI hate crimes since the pandemic began in early 2020 should be alarming to everyone, and we are taking action to ensure the safety of residents and want you to feel your family and friends are safe within our communities.

Hayes Gibson is reviewing our emergency preparedness and rapid response protocols. We are in communication with our community response partner networks, including onsite management, staff, and security teams, as well as local law enforcement, to ensure the safety and protection of our residents and their guests. We promise to take any threats or perceived threats to your safety seriously. Attempts to coerce, intimidate, bully, harass, demean, threaten, harm, or otherwise interfere with any community member’s safety will be reported to the appropriate authorities in accordance with local laws and dealt with according to our community policies and procedures.

Please reach out to us if you find we are failing in our promise to address your concerns. We firmly believe the hatred perpetuated on the AAPI must stop, and we will do our best to help continue to improve your living environment and make you feel welcome and valued in your home.