The Power of Great Work

The Power of Great Work

When we are confronted by a tragedy as immense as what happened on September 11, 2001, thinking about work and business seems trivial.  However, focusing on work and its purpose is really one of the most powerful responses that we can have to the unspeakable acts of terror our nation faced after that fateful day.  Our work is powerful and central to who we are and what we do.

Many good people died from the evil intent of September 11 and many others have been affected by other frightening events.  A letter titled ‘Good Works‘ from the founding editors of Fast Company magazine in the aftermath of 9/11 said it best:

“The men and women at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon died because they were at work; the firefighters and rescue workers who died, did so as they rushed to do their jobs.  Many of those who died in the hijacked airplanes were on their way to a meeting or a conference, or back to their offices.  They died because of who they are and what they represent.”

The management team at Hayes Gibson has a fundamental belief that individual initiative is unstoppable, and that good work is ennobling.  We can all play a role in bolstering our nation’s morale and confidence by the way we do our work.  Each of us can play a part in reaffirming the belief that there is greatness still welling up among us and that our country’s movement towards a future of hope and progress is unrelenting and irreversible.

The most powerful response to our situations of tragedy and uncertainty is to renew our commitment to doing great work – work that creates value, provides a sense of meaning, and moves the world forward.

Ten Things We Do at Hayes Gibson to Honor Our Nation and the Current Struggles We Face

  1. Challenge the status quo and make a positive difference.
  2. Bring new ideas to work each day and champion their implementation.
  3. Embrace diversity in our employees and residents.
  4. Develop an understanding of and appreciation for other cultures and beliefs.
  5. Create workplaces and living environments that are inclusive and accepting of differences.
  6. Keep our properties leased up and prosperous as a means of helping to bolster both the local and national economy.
  7. Help calm our employee’s and resident’s anxieties and dispel fears in the wake of current events.
  8. Provide resources and services for people so that we can collectively heal and develop a true sense of community.
  9. Manage and maintain quality living environments that bring comfort and a sense of well-being to our residents.
  10. Do our part to ensure that the United States remains the greatest nation on the planet by being good citizens, compassionate neighbors, caring co-workers, and patriotic role models.

The men and women of Hayes Gibson are committed to lifting up others and healing the wounds that afflict us through the power of great, meaningful work.  What are each of you doing to create value and build meaning into your work?

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