Presented by: Alexandra ‘Alex’ Jackiw, CPM®, C3P, CAPS
Chief Operating Officer, Hayes Gibson Property Services


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Being a receiver involves knowledge of the basics of receivership processes, hard work, dedication, creativity, and an ability to work through multiple complex situations. This presentation reveals the challenging, yet incredibly rewarding work required, the processes, and the multifamily financing and the potential for the distressed asset landscape and what it looks like particularly coming out of the pandemic. Additionally, Alex discusses the receivership process, the legal issues surrounding receiverships, the actual appointment of receiver and the process that follows, complete with a few case studies specific to receivership. 

Hayes Gibson’s webinar titled: The Basics of Receivership reveals the compelling reasons to consider court-appointed receivership. Attendees will learn:

  • How to Get Receiver Work
  • How Properties are Financed
  • Sources for Financing Multifamily Housing Projects
  • Current Climate for Loan Defaults and Contributing Factors
  • Basics of the Receivership Process
  • The Team You Must Assemble to Be Successful as a Receiver
  • Relationships to Cultivate to Be Selected as a Receiver Over and Over Again
  • The Legal Basis for Appointing a Receiver
  • The Powers and Duties of a Receiver
  • What to Do Before and After Appointment as a Receiver
  • Key Components of the Receiver Report (NEW!)
  • The Specifics of the Receivership Process
  • Unique Issues a Receiver May Face
  • Post-Receivership Activities

Who Is It For?

  • Real Estate Attorneys & Legal Professionals
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Owners of Distressed Assets
  • Property Managers of Assets with Troubled Loans
  • Owners & Stakeholders of Financially Troubled Multifamily Housing Assets
  • Commercial Lenders
  • Asset Management Professionals

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